Our business provides experienced professionals to act as Board Members and ‘C level executives as well as providing financial, business and strategic support to growing businesses looking to be listed on public markets in the USA.


Areas Of Services Include:


  1. Strategic advice on corporate structure

  2. Short to medium term Board Level Placements

  3. Short ‘pro-temp’ C-Level placement

  4. Long term financial planning & development

  5. Securities advice through its relationship with SEC counsel

  6. Shareholder & Investor relations services such as being a point of contact for information & prospectus development and delivery

  7. Website content development and advice on what is required from a website for raising finance through the public markets

  8. Mapping of the path to raising finance on the public markets

  9. Provide detailed research work on the market sectors and map out competition

  10. Investor presentation development

  11. Roadshow organisation assisting in developing a strategy on the right timing and audience to pitch your business to Contract review, advice and development for third party providers such as Auditors, Attorneys and Transfer Agents

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